Trip Master kit

Accessorize your Geosat 4x4 Crossover and get higher performances

Off road, to the next level  

The Trip Master function included in Geosat 4x4 Crossover is based on the GPS position with a precision of +-10 while the professional Trip Master Kit, thanks to the physical connection to the wheel,  is capable of measuring movements with maximum precision, bringing your experience to the next level. The info are displayed in the Geosat's 4,8" colour LCD.

Calibrate the Trip Master with different tyres!

Plug the Trip master into the Geosat and calibrate it with different tyres! You can save up to 10 different profiles.


Easy Installation

The Trip master kit includes: Drive Probe + AvMap Interface Box + Trip Master Remote Control. To put it in place:

1.  Connect the Drive Probe (inductive sensor) in proximity of the wheel  and to the AvMap's interface Box.
2. Plug the interface box into the Geosat 4x4 Crossover serial port.
3.  Plug the Trip Master Remote Remote Control into the AvMap Interface Box
*It cannot be used simultaneously with the external GPS antenna.



How to Read the Trip Master

To open the Trip Master page, open the 4x4 Functions menu and then press the Trip Master button. The Trip Master page includes:

  • Shortcuts to 4x4 Functions menu, Compass, User Points management and Map

  • Linear compass

  • Partial odometer counter with controls

  • Total odometer counter with controls

Adjusting  the Trip Master

Each counter has its own control buttons:

  • The arrow button inverts the way the counter advances

  • The - button decreases the counter ( by 10 meters)

  • The + button increases the counter ( by 10 meters)

  • The II button pauses the counter

  • The Reset button zeroes the counter

Partial and Total counter

The button with the open / closed padlock icon allows using the controls buttons for partial and total Trip
Master (<, +, -, II) independently or jointly.
If the padlock is closed, then partial and total Trip Master work together. So if you pause the partial Trip
Master, the Total will pause accordingly.
If the padlock is closed, you can control the trip masters independently, so you can correct or reset one,
while the other will stay unvaried.

Resetting the Trip Master

The counters canbe zeroed pressing the Reset button on the Geosat display.
The partial Trip Master can be reset also through the  Trip Master Remote Control.
Attention: when you connect or disconnect remote Trip Master Reset button, the Trip Master is reset to
zero. I order to use the remote Trip Master Reset button Geosat 4x4 Crossover has to be connected to the
power supply cable.


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