Aeronautical Maps Update Service

The most convenient way to keep you navigator complete and updated

To fly safe, it is strongly advised that you keep your Aeronautical Maps up-to-date. AvMap offers you the possibility to save money subscribing to the Map Update Service to get always the latest data available, on time, for your AvMap GPS. With the subscription you can get more updates at a very competitive price.  Get a Map Update Service Subscription now!

e.g. 1 YEAR Subscription (13 Downloads)



With the yearly Subscription you can get all the 13 updates a year at a very competitive price!

The cycles: every 28 days, 13 times a Year.

The Aeronautical Database Updates are released every 28 days, 13 times a Year.   AvMap Aeronautical Database updates are made available 1-2 days prior to the AIRAC effective date so customers can get  their new database before it becomes effective.

What's new in each cycle?

Find the latest Jeppesen notices & alerts here.



You can buy subscriptions only for maps coverages that you already own for example if you have a European EKP  preloaded with Europe + Africa maps you can only buy a subscription for Europe + Africa Aeronautical Database, and not for the American one. The service is not transferable.

Minimum requirements

Geopilot / EKP IV series:
- The latest Software version
  (after updating the maps, remember to download the latest free software update )
- Loader ver. 2.12R [07/20/2005] or more recent
- 512 MB  original AvMap memory card 
- Preloaded  with corresponding Aero DB

EKP V series: 

the Aeronautical Map Update Service requires an 8 GB SD, please verify your mini SD card is 8 GB, otherwise contact AvMap at

Internet Connection: the Update Service requires a stable broad band connection. A wired connection is preferred to wireless.  Also make sure your safety settings, firewall or antivirus software do not stop the map download.

How can I purchase a Map Subscription ?

Geopilot and EKP IV series

If you own a Geopilot or EKP IV, you can purchase a map update service subscription in the shop online. You will receive an email  every time a new map comes out.
Visit 'MY AVMAP'  to check the status of your subscription. Get a Map Update Service Subscription now!


If you own an EKP V you can purchase the subscription using the AvMap Suite desktop application.  You will receive an email  every time a new map comes out. 
Each time you connect  EKP V to the PC with the USB cable, AvMap Suite will open and  warn you whether a new map is available for you.  Get a Map Update Service Subscription now!