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New G7 Ezy Farmnavigator: Intelligent farming, made easy.

16 December 2015

AvMap launches a new entry level product of the Farmnavigator series dedicated to intelligent agriculture. G7 Ezy Farmnavigator is affordable and easy to use, it can be adopted by farms of any size.   Ideal for basic operation such as weeding, fertilizing, spraying.  

If you thought Intelligent Farming technology was not for you, G7 Ezy Farmnavigator will change your mind. 


G7 Ezy Farmnavigator is powerful yet weighs only 640 g. The installation takes only few minutes:

1. Place the Farmnavigator on the bracket

2. Plug the power cable

3. Connect the external antenna into the DB9 connector


G7 Ezy Farmnavigator features an incredibly bright 7” sun-light  readable display with 16 million colors. The bonded LCD reduces the reflections, increases the contrast ratio, and eliminates condensation. Dust and water proof, is Suitable for use on tractors without a cab. The display is covered edge to edge with hard glass that can be easily cleaned from dust in one swipe. 

The software is farmer-friendly
, with a very intuitive interface and large buttons for each function. You can use multiple finger gestures on the Multi-touch  display to scroll menus, or to zoom in and out  the field view by stretching and pinching with two fingers.


With G7 Ezy Farmnavigator you can: 

  • Map your fields and create your fields' database

  • Follow the Satellite Assisted Guidance with A-B parallel guidelines, identical contour curves, adaptive contour (coming soon) or pivot guidelines  (coming soon)

  • Manage the headland 

  • Create a Jobs' Database to manage all the data

  • Configure your implements 

  • Control the sprayboom sections manually or automatically (when connected to a compatible controller)

    What's new:

  • G7 Ezy Farmnavigator comes with a simplified Graphic User Interface to help the operator easily choose the right settings, follow the guidelines and managae data.

  • The Advanced Parallel Guidance featuring adaptive contour guidelines: the parallel lines adapt dinamically as you drive and avoid obctacles. (coming soon)

  • You will also be able to choose Pivot guidelines (coming soon)

  • The Advanced Section Control lets you close or open manually a section from the G7 Ezy display forcing the automatic control. 

  • Improved data management: for each Job, G7 Ezy sales farmer, activity, field, implement and products used, worked area, total time etc.


Last, but not least, the FARMNAVIGATOR series are now complete with a full range of useful accessories such as power adaptors and connection cables for any need, and you  can choose the right DGPS receiver to fit your precision requirements. 



Visit    avmap.it/IntelligentAgriculture   for more info!

Stay tuned for more products coming out soon...

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