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AvMap with Aviasport at Lleida Challenge

31 May 2014

Lleida Air Challenge is a festival that features aerial displays of aerobatics, and this year the F1 Air Race,  for the first time in Europe.

The F1 Air Race is the only form of international air races in which 8 participants compete  simultaneously at speeds of 400 km/h, making several laps in ellipsoidal circuits of about 5 km. length.

The aircraft are based in many cases on the classic Cassutt. They must have a minimum area of 66 square meters wing, a curb weight of 226.8 kg. (500 pounds), a 100 horsepower engine and other design elements that ensure equal conditions of mechanical devices.

The price includes: Entry, valid for Sunday morning, the right to watch the air show and access to the exhibiting area.

Aviasport will present AvMap latest ULTRA efis to the Spanish market.


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